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Finding A Starting Point

How do I start? Where do I start? Who do I talk to? What tools do I need? When will I see results? Why am I doing this? These are the question’s that have been going through my head over the last few months. I have been searching the internet for information on how to do this successfully. There is so so so much information on the web, its like a research project from high school, sorting through and finding what is important, easy to follow, and finding a starting point.  

Well, the project is to get one million listeners to listen to Slater’s Metal Show every week. That took a year to figure out. I got my lap top a year ago and began my research.  I was blinded by the promise of internet riches, and how easy it could be.  I even signed up for one and let them set it all up, called and talked with someone a few times, I never made any money.  As I realized that I was chasing a ‘pipe dream’  I changed my direction.  The answer came to me after praying one day.  Get more involved with your husbands project.  But God, I don’t like heavy metal music.  He told me to find a way..

I tried helping him out with the show itself.  That didn’t work because he does it at night after the kid goes to bed and he won’t be disturbed.  I am not a night person.   I was going to blog about the show for each week, but I didn’t just want to talk about the stats of the band or basic info from Wikipedia.  I looked up history of metal and found that interesting and blogged once about it.  I wrote a draft on genres of metal music.  Then I saw a you tube video of a heavy metal guitarist who’s fingers were blurry as they worked their way up an down the fret board.  I decided that skill was an essential element to good metal music. The leads and solo’s are more than just simple chords and trills creating a false skill and speed.  Next I was listening to a friends band from Portland, and realized what it was about his heavy metal that made it more that just noise. The next element of good metal music is dynamic changes in rhythm and sound building up to the climax of the song and then bring the song back around to tie it back with the beginning theme. The next element I decided is meaningful lyrics.  I prefer a nice voice but in heavy meal that is not always the case. It really grates on my nerves to hear just the growling and throaty vocals that are non comprehended, If that is not the case, then the lyrics are drown out by the music. So if I can find the lyrics or an article about the meaning of the song and it has relevance then I can appreciate the music a little more.  So far I have identified three things that make good heavy metal music, skill, dynamic music elements, and meaningful lyrics.

My husband, Slater, always picks good music for his show.  He provides information about a band especially if its a local band.  There are even some interviews with bands after a couple concerts at Music Head. Slater puts in funny quotes and clips from cartoons into his show.  And plays heavy metal music from here in the US and from Europe and Australia, he hopes to reach all over the world with heavy metal music.  He has been on the Radio for two years come July.  I am happy for him.  He is trying to develop his website as well.  He wants to advertise to get more visitors. I can see how I can help with that.  I like to write so I will practice writing with this blog and develop thoughts about heavy metal music. I will find places to post information and links to his website and this blog. I will get a million visitors to listen to Slater’s Metal Show.  


Post Regularly for One Million

One Million is the goal right now.   One million fans listening to Slater’s Metal Show every week.  They say for people to be interested in what you have to say that one needs to blog regularly.  Its hard to commit to regular posts when you have limited time.  You need to be a presence online to be seen.   Then one million fans and Read More…

Back to Market-ing

My husband comes to me one night a few months ago and asked for help with marketing his radio show and website.  Since I support him I decided to see how I could help.  I went to college for business and marketing but I am not working in that field. I actually am in healthcare instead.  I enjoyed marketing projects and research from college. After college I never really thought much about marketing.  

Well I never thought we would be getting to this point.  Last year I spent tons of time on the internet, looking for ways to make some mula.  you know that green stuff that pays the bills.  I was looking for my own little niche to build a  business out of.  I found too much information and did not find it too interesting.  I didn’t even know if I would use the information I found.  My husband was working on his own project that would require some of this new knowledge.

I was not sure the direction my husband was or wanted to take with his own website, Slater’s Metal Show.  He still has only a basic web site with the a sound cloud player he updates with the new show for the week.  He spends an all-nighter putting together the show and does a good job picking out songs and giving the audience band info.  The show is broadcast on a small non-profit station out of Shady Cove.  I wasn’t sure his show would be successful, but after a year almost two come August, I see the potential. 

I read all the get rich quick schemes and realized all those guru’s spent time and money to build a business. And that does not happen overnight.  I read about marketing your stuff, other peoples stuff, and advertising on the internet.  I felt that I had gone through countless e-books with meaningless information about internet marketing.  How do you put all the stuff together to actually make money?  Now I have spent the last few months looking up radio show marketing and having a successful show.  I am slowly putting it all together with the goals my husband brings to me and figuring out how to make it all come together.

Check out 

Recreating About Me

I learned something today.  The about page that I have has a nice story about me and why I started this blogging project, but I have it all wrong.  I need to keep things short and simple and sweet not the long winded story I shared.  The about page is supposed to be like a road sign.  Looking at it should tell the view quickly what kinds of info they will find in my blog.  A brief bio explaining the who, what, where, when and why I blog. There needs to be quick links to information and web pages of interest.  I have an about page that doesn’t offer much to my readers.  I have been working on it this morning.  I created a new catchy title and tagline for my page.  I added some widgets that will quickly highlight the most important info and links. Still need to find a way to separate and highlight my blog subjects that I write.  Not everything is about heavy metal. I now need to work on placement of my widgets so the page looks and flows smooth for the viewer.  I am now doing the zero to hero challenge to become a better blogger.  I am on day nine of the project but really I just started today.  WP also gives me subjects that I can use to blog about.  I never realized just how much creative work goes into a successful blog that gets noticed. Its more than just writing content. And writing some jibberish.

Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner!

Well if I won a billion tax free dollars in the lottery I of course would go on a spending spree. I would buy a corvette and a house with a garage. I would invest my money so it is just not collecting dust. As a billionaire I would definitely help in my community. I would start with those close to me and where I work. Every one I know with kids would get 20,000 for each kid to go to college. I would give my friends and coworkers 10,000 to help them with bills. I would buy houses to rent out to select friends at a minimal cost to cover taxes. I would open my own retirement community and treat my employees fairly, offering decent wages and benefits. I would support my husbands business by getting the equipment and music he needs to have a successful radio show and website. I would donate a million dollars or more to the public schools in my community to purchase equipment and supplies for the kids. I would donate to La Clinica to provide free health care to poor kids. I would donate a good portion to helping in my community for parks and recreation, emergency help for displaced families, to schools, and other youth centered organizations. There is so much you can do with a billion dollars.

What is Heavy Metal?

After reading several articles on heavy metal music, starting with Wikipedia of course. My poking around the internet lead me to others who created whole websites like hardradio, nolifetilmetal and metalinjection. Someone from Princeton University even wrote a paper on it. I was amazed at the plethora of information out there from history to psychology to science and math. I was interested in how and why did this kind of music was created. What exactly constitutes heavy metal and what bands made it popular. Do I like any of those bands? Actually there are a lot of them that I know, and have always liked I just did not class them as heavy metal. Maybe hard rock, but not that obnoxious noise. Which is a completely different genre of heavy metal. Who’s playing today and is heavy metal still popular or is it just a dying breed? I found the answers to these questions and more. . . . . .

Heavy metal music was not at first embraced by Americans. Society and the media did not know what to make of the fast pasted electric guitar riffs that were being played. You all know Jimmie Hendrix, some one who definitely thought outside the box, brought this new sound to Woodstock. It was over in the UK that this kind of music was really taking hold. From an article I read called the Cultural Influences of British Heavy Metal, life was particularly hard and heavy metal was played in working mans clubs. It was a more aggressive and serious sound with lyrics expressing the feeling of the time. Black Sabbath was born and spawned the evolution of heavy metal in Britain and then in America. Many other bands also emerged spread across Europe. Political pressure, dissatisfaction with government and the Vietnam War influenced the direction of heavy metal. America’s younger generation was influenced by this music because they could relate to it. The music expressed similar dissatisfaction and unrest in society.

So What exactly constitutes heavy metal? My first thought is really loud music with screaming lyrics, lots of guitars and lots of drums. That does sum it up but there is more to it that. There is electric guitars that use distortion and feedback, heavy riffs and power chords. Drums have heavy fast beats called slam beats and vocals are gritty with everyone amplified. Heavy metal can trace its family tree to blues and psychedelic rock married together with the invention of the electric guitar and amplifier. Musicians experimented with feedback, distortion and studio effects to enhance their music. (This is where science and math comes in). The next challenge was to play as fast as possible with more complex song structures. That is something I can appreciate about heavy metal music.  

Why Heavy Metal? Isn’t It Just a Bunch of Noise?

 Music has a long and rich history that reaches back to the beginning of humanity. That is thousands of years worth of sounds and rhythms that has evolved into the music of today. For each era, musicians use, build upon the current music, and then add in their own ideas to create a new music style, or genre, is born. Heavy metal is one such genre that was born from blues rock and psychedelic rock, experimenting with these sounds and amplification. It has been one of the longest lasting genre. First known to most as hard blues rock, heavy metal has grown more distinct and influenced the emergence of new sub-genres and sub-cultures across the world. Heavy metal is often misunderstood due to the extra loud amplification, distorted sounds and dramatic vocals with dark and angry lyrics. I myself have judged heavy metal for years as just obnoxious screaming played way too loud. It is far from anything I normally listen to.

Why then would I choose to study the history of heavy metal? When I myself don’t like the music. Isn’t it just a bunch of noise. I prefer songs I can understand otherwise I cannot connect to the music. In this case it is not the music I want to connect with, There is some one more important that I want to connect with and that is my husband. He has a radio show featuring what else. . . . heavy metal. I have been supportive of his dream but felt no real connection to what he was doing. I hope by understanding the history, technical development and cultural influences world wide, that I may find something about heavy metal to like. Perhaps even grow to appreciate the music my husband loves and that I have been tuning out for years. I love him and our son very much.

Listen to the show online at


Learning to Blog

So over the last few days I have been setting up my wordpress blog and have been learning a lot about what it takes to do a blog of this type.  I need to provide meaningful information about heavy metal music that ties into the radio show and the website. Then hopefully I will have people interested in reading what I have to say.  I want to help my sweet headbanging husband with his Radio Show to help get the word out to people to listen to his rockin show.  It’s a good show and has been on the air for over a year and more people need to listen to it.

The Loss of Sasquatch

The radio show took a big hit this month.  A good friend and featured guest on the show, Arthur White, known as the Sasquatch, passed away early this week.  God, took this kind soul from us on Tuesday Nov 12, 2013.  He loved heavy metal music, and enjoyed doing the show each week with Slater.  Sasquatch, came out of the woods every week to record the show, and share his pick of the week.  He added his laughter and joking nature to Slater’s commentary.  Being a creature of the woods, Sasquatch was elusive to being on air at first but after some guidance he really came into his own.  He had his pick of the week, info about the band and why he liked the song.  

His last day with us as himself, was Halloween.  He had come over to listen to the Halloween special.  We were hanging out visiting for about an hour.  He suddenly needed to go home, saying there was a problem at home.  I took him home.  The next day we got a call that he was rushed to the hospital and now was in ICU.  There was little to no hope for recovery but Sasquatch did not give up easily. He had a strong heart and stubborn will that kept him going for twelve days.   He was surrounded by the love of his family when he left this world.  I am sad and will miss him.  It seems so unfair that God would take someone so special and young.  I take some comfort in the belief that his soul is in heaven and that God needed him sooner for a special assignment.  Good Bye Sasquatch, may you continue to ‘rock out’ and bang your head to the music.

Slater's Metal Show

Slater’s Metal Show  Your Home and Headbanging Headquarters every Friday night at 9!!!!  Listen to the radio broadcast in Shady Cove, OR on station KSHD 101.1 FM.  It is a small transmitter, so if you cannot pick up the radio broadcast you can always hear Slater’s Metal Show on the internet.     Check out the webpage every week and hear the latest show.


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