Heavy Metal Christmas Music

Listening to heavy metal, gotta find some christmas metal tunes, for the next few weeks gotta play xmas metal. I found a new one that has sock puppets in the video. All hail santa. All hail xmas meta!!! Got any ideas or favorites for christmas metal? Please answer in comments I would love it.

Making Contacts and Making Plans

Making Slaters Metal Show made some progress this week. Biggest plan getting into Rob Zombie and meeting the man for an interview.

After vacation Slater decided to see who in the Rogue Valley he could make  contact with in metal music to help promote them as well as Slater’s Metal Show.  He sent a message to Mike Kincade the main metal man of Medford, OR.  He has interviews with Sylent Storm a local metal band that is comming up on their one year anniversary.  We are going to their show July 2.  Plus we have possible interviews to set up with other bands at this show.  We are going to talk to Kincade about Edge Fest 5 the annual metal gathering here in the Rogue Valley, going on in August.  Plus now there is a possible show to go to the Dimebag Darrel tribute 10 year anniversary.  We know band members like Negative Zen that will be opening up for the tribute.  Interviews and photo ops will be available for the smaller acts but we hope that with our connections perhaps be able to interview and have photo ops with the bigger names that will be featured.  I am not sure who they are yet I did not ask too many details.  They will come later as we set up agendas for each event.

To get interviews with bigger name bands you have to searcgh and find they press representative and work out things throough them.  And being that Rob Zombie is comming to a local venue then we can also contact the press agent for the venue and find out how to get into the concert, help with promotion to get front row seats and for photo and interview opportunites.  We are Making Slaters Metal show as interesting as we can.  As well as the web site.


One Million Metal Heads

I am seeking one million metal heads to listen to Slater’s Metal Show at www.slatersmetalshow.com   Bang your head, listen to a new show each week.  Visit often as we are continually updating and adding to the website.

Platinum Metallica


Metallica at AT&T Com Park San Fransisco, Ca  2014  You can watch them electrify The Star Spangled Banner,  


On May 17, 2014 Metallica got on the field at Giants Stadium and rocked the Star Spangled Banner.  The San Francisco based band Metallica has made quite a name for themselves. I think they are the longest lasting heavy metal band.  Last month the Black Album went 16X platinum.  That means it is the highest selling heavy metal album of all time, but more importantly it is the highest selling album of all music.  16 million copies wow that incredible.  I liked the Black Album too, I always hear songs off that album. Some say that it is their last good album.

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Heavy Metal Starts Young

Heavy Metal Starts Young

My son Damien and a friend head banging at a metal concert. We were at a small venue at Music Head in Medford Oregon, listening to the jam of our friends in Negative Zen a band from Portland Oregon. My son is 10 and has been listening to heavy metal since birth (my husband picked the music, Dream Theater), saw his first metal concert at 2 months old, wrote his first lyrics for a metal song at four called Bloody Toe, learned to play the drums at five, and since he got his first stereo has been blasting Metallica, Mega Death, and Slayer along with dream Theater. Please close your door or turn down the volume, so he closes the door. I am not going to hinder his creative side, and if he wants to sing and play along with the songs I wont hinder his artistic nature. Even though I still am on a journey to understanding heavy metal.

Understanding Metal Music thru Alice Cooper


This is very important part of understanding metal music.  Why the gore, why the costumes, the dark and sinister lyrics that drew together tens of thousands of people to concerts?  Then I was watching an episode of Top Gear BBC and Alice Cooper was the guest in their reasonably priced car to race around their test track.  The host asked why he changed his name to Alice.  And it was put simply, they were wanting to create a reaction, for the parents to hate them and the kids to love them.  They were speaking out about the oppression that was being felt through society at that time. The gore and sinister costumes he wore was because he was playing the villain.  Like the theater and actors, someone is the good guy and someone is the bad guy, Alice Cooper chose to be the bad guy. And he song about that. He accomplished his goal of getting a reaction and in a big way.  Out of Europe to America he was one of the original bands that helped bring about the heavy metal revolution.  He said he was killed four times in his last show when he retired.  I’m gonna have to see if I can find that on you-tube. 

Finding A Starting Point

How do I start? Where do I start? Who do I talk to? What tools do I need? When will I see results? Why am I doing this? These are the question’s that have been going through my head over the last few months. I have been searching the internet for information on how to do this successfully. There is so so so much information on the web, its like a research project from high school, sorting through and finding what is important, easy to follow, and finding a starting point.  

Well, the project is to get one million listeners to listen to Slater’s Metal Show every week. That took a year to figure out. I got my lap top a year ago and began my research.  I was blinded by the promise of internet riches, and how easy it could be.  I even signed up for one and let them set it all up, called and talked with someone a few times, I never made any money.  As I realized that I was chasing a ‘pipe dream’  I changed my direction.  The answer came to me after praying one day.  Get more involved with your husbands project.  But God, I don’t like heavy metal music.  He told me to find a way..

I tried helping him out with the show itself.  That didn’t work because he does it at night after the kid goes to bed and he won’t be disturbed.  I am not a night person.   I was going to blog about the show for each week, but I didn’t just want to talk about the stats of the band or basic info from Wikipedia.  I looked up history of metal and found that interesting and blogged once about it.  I wrote a draft on genres of metal music.  Then I saw a you tube video of a heavy metal guitarist who’s fingers were blurry as they worked their way up an down the fret board.  I decided that skill was an essential element to good metal music. The leads and solo’s are more than just simple chords and trills creating a false skill and speed.  Next I was listening to a friends band from Portland, and realized what it was about his heavy metal that made it more that just noise. The next element of good metal music is dynamic changes in rhythm and sound building up to the climax of the song and then bring the song back around to tie it back with the beginning theme. The next element I decided is meaningful lyrics.  I prefer a nice voice but in heavy meal that is not always the case. It really grates on my nerves to hear just the growling and throaty vocals that are non comprehended, If that is not the case, then the lyrics are drown out by the music. So if I can find the lyrics or an article about the meaning of the song and it has relevance then I can appreciate the music a little more.  So far I have identified three things that make good heavy metal music, skill, dynamic music elements, and meaningful lyrics.

My husband, Slater, always picks good music for his show.  He provides information about a band especially if its a local band.  There are even some interviews with bands after a couple concerts at Music Head. Slater puts in funny quotes and clips from cartoons into his show.  And plays heavy metal music from here in the US and from Europe and Australia, he hopes to reach all over the world with heavy metal music.  He has been on the Radio for two years come July.  I am happy for him.  He is trying to develop his website as well.  He wants to advertise to get more visitors. I can see how I can help with that.  I like to write so I will practice writing with this blog and develop thoughts about heavy metal music. I will find places to post information and links to his website and this blog. I will get a million visitors to listen to Slater’s Metal Show.  www.slatersmetalshow.com  


Changes for the Better

So I changed the title to the blog.  Putting the silence to death just wasn’t conveying the message of the blog.  I am trying to promote Slater’s Metal Show, which is now in the title of the blog.  Making adds the other dimensions of creation and development.  Follow along as Slater’s Metal Show gains fans, becomes syndicated,  and begins to make a profit.  Learn about heavy metal music, history, bands, genre’s, lyrics, and probably a lot more as I delve into the world of heavy metal music.

Post Regularly for One Million

One Million is the goal right now.   One million fans listening to Slater’s Metal Show every week.  They say for people to be interested in what you have to say that one needs to blog regularly.  Its hard to commit to regular posts when you have limited time.  You need to be a presence online to be seen.   Then one million fans and Read More…

Back to Market-ing

My husband comes to me one night a few months ago and asked for help with marketing his radio show and website.  Since I support him I decided to see how I could help.  I went to college for business and marketing but I am not working in that field. I actually am in healthcare instead.  I enjoyed marketing projects and research from college. After college I never really thought much about marketing.  

Well I never thought we would be getting to this point.  Last year I spent tons of time on the internet, looking for ways to make some mula.  you know that green stuff that pays the bills.  I was looking for my own little niche to build a  business out of.  I found too much information and did not find it too interesting.  I didn’t even know if I would use the information I found.  My husband was working on his own project that would require some of this new knowledge.

I was not sure the direction my husband was or wanted to take with his own website, Slater’s Metal Show.  He still has only a basic web site with the a sound cloud player he updates with the new show for the week.  He spends an all-nighter putting together the show and does a good job picking out songs and giving the audience band info.  The show is broadcast on a small non-profit station out of Shady Cove.  I wasn’t sure his show would be successful, but after a year almost two come August, I see the potential. 

I read all the get rich quick schemes and realized all those guru’s spent time and money to build a business. And that does not happen overnight.  I read about marketing your stuff, other peoples stuff, and advertising on the internet.  I felt that I had gone through countless e-books with meaningless information about internet marketing.  How do you put all the stuff together to actually make money?  Now I have spent the last few months looking up radio show marketing and having a successful show.  I am slowly putting it all together with the goals my husband brings to me and figuring out how to make it all come together.

Check out slatersmetalshow.com 

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