Instead of searching for ways to make money on the internet right now,  the focus of this blog is to get over one million people listening to Slater’s Metal Show and becoming a fan of his web page.

This blog is in support of my husband and his radio show Slater’s Metal Show.  It has been on the air, yes the radio,  playing in Shady ‘s Cove, Oregon every Friday night at 9 for over a year now.  He has really developed the show and his presence as a radio personality.  I am proud of him and what he has accomplished.  Slater’s Metal Show also can be heard on the internet.  Just check out the website at http://www.slatersmetalshow.com to hear the latest broadcast.

 Heavy Metal is not my favorite kind of music but in support of my husband I have listened to every show and now have a special  appreciation for that kind of music.  Now there are many forms of metal music, some grungier than others.  I like when the words are not lost by throaty growls and screaming into the mic. It amazes me how fast the guitarists can run their fingers over the strings and on the fret board.  The fingers move so fast it almost looks like their smoking.  To grow my appreciation,  I search for and listen to various bands that Slater can use for his show that I also like. Another way I am enhancing my appreciation for metal music is researching the history and development of this music genre.  He is my husband and no matter his style of music I support him, 100%.  Well I will keep telling myself that as I delve into his world and try to get him one million fans.

Let me know what you think. Leave your comment.

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