Platinum Metallica


Metallica at AT&T Com Park San Fransisco, Ca  2014  You can watch them electrify The Star Spangled Banner,

On May 17, 2014 Metallica got on the field at Giants Stadium and rocked the Star Spangled Banner.  The San Francisco based band Metallica has made quite a name for themselves. I think they are the longest lasting heavy metal band.  Last month the Black Album went 16X platinum.  That means it is the highest selling heavy metal album of all time, but more importantly it is the highest selling album of all music.  16 million copies wow that incredible.  I liked the Black Album too, I always hear songs off that album. Some say that it is their last good album.

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I am the wife of a metal head and the mom of a ten year old boy. I am proud of the work my husband has done making Slater's Metal Show. It is a heavy metal radio show both on air and online. I went to college for marketing and am helping him promote his show and website. My goal is to get one million fans listening to Slater's Metal Show.

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