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Making Contacts and Making Plans

Making Slaters Metal Show made some progress this week. Biggest plan getting into Rob Zombie and meeting the man for an interview.

After vacation Slater decided to see who in the Rogue Valley he could make  contact with in metal music to help promote them as well as Slater’s Metal Show.  He sent a message to Mike Kincade the main metal man of Medford, OR.  He has interviews with Sylent Storm a local metal band that is comming up on their one year anniversary.  We are going to their show July 2.  Plus we have possible interviews to set up with other bands at this show.  We are going to talk to Kincade about Edge Fest 5 the annual metal gathering here in the Rogue Valley, going on in August.  Plus now there is a possible show to go to the Dimebag Darrel tribute 10 year anniversary.  We know band members like Negative Zen that will be opening up for the tribute.  Interviews and photo ops will be available for the smaller acts but we hope that with our connections perhaps be able to interview and have photo ops with the bigger names that will be featured.  I am not sure who they are yet I did not ask too many details.  They will come later as we set up agendas for each event.

To get interviews with bigger name bands you have to searcgh and find they press representative and work out things throough them.  And being that Rob Zombie is comming to a local venue then we can also contact the press agent for the venue and find out how to get into the concert, help with promotion to get front row seats and for photo and interview opportunites.  We are Making Slaters Metal show as interesting as we can.  As well as the web site.


One Million Metal Heads

I am seeking one million metal heads to listen to Slater’s Metal Show at   Bang your head, listen to a new show each week.  Visit often as we are continually updating and adding to the website.

Platinum Metallica


Metallica at AT&T Com Park San Fransisco, Ca  2014  You can watch them electrify The Star Spangled Banner,

On May 17, 2014 Metallica got on the field at Giants Stadium and rocked the Star Spangled Banner.  The San Francisco based band Metallica has made quite a name for themselves. I think they are the longest lasting heavy metal band.  Last month the Black Album went 16X platinum.  That means it is the highest selling heavy metal album of all time, but more importantly it is the highest selling album of all music.  16 million copies wow that incredible.  I liked the Black Album too, I always hear songs off that album. Some say that it is their last good album.

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