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My husband comes to me one night a few months ago and asked for help with marketing his radio show and website.  Since I support him I decided to see how I could help.  I went to college for business and marketing but I am not working in that field. I actually am in healthcare instead.  I enjoyed marketing projects and research from college. After college I never really thought much about marketing.  

Well I never thought we would be getting to this point.  Last year I spent tons of time on the internet, looking for ways to make some mula.  you know that green stuff that pays the bills.  I was looking for my own little niche to build a  business out of.  I found too much information and did not find it too interesting.  I didn’t even know if I would use the information I found.  My husband was working on his own project that would require some of this new knowledge.

I was not sure the direction my husband was or wanted to take with his own website, Slater’s Metal Show.  He still has only a basic web site with the a sound cloud player he updates with the new show for the week.  He spends an all-nighter putting together the show and does a good job picking out songs and giving the audience band info.  The show is broadcast on a small non-profit station out of Shady Cove.  I wasn’t sure his show would be successful, but after a year almost two come August, I see the potential. 

I read all the get rich quick schemes and realized all those guru’s spent time and money to build a business. And that does not happen overnight.  I read about marketing your stuff, other peoples stuff, and advertising on the internet.  I felt that I had gone through countless e-books with meaningless information about internet marketing.  How do you put all the stuff together to actually make money?  Now I have spent the last few months looking up radio show marketing and having a successful show.  I am slowly putting it all together with the goals my husband brings to me and figuring out how to make it all come together.

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