Recreating About Me

I learned something today.  The about page that I have has a nice story about me and why I started this blogging project, but I have it all wrong.  I need to keep things short and simple and sweet not the long winded story I shared.  The about page is supposed to be like a road sign.  Looking at it should tell the view quickly what kinds of info they will find in my blog.  A brief bio explaining the who, what, where, when and why I blog. There needs to be quick links to information and web pages of interest.  I have an about page that doesn’t offer much to my readers.  I have been working on it this morning.  I created a new catchy title and tagline for my page.  I added some widgets that will quickly highlight the most important info and links. Still need to find a way to separate and highlight my blog subjects that I write.  Not everything is about heavy metal. I now need to work on placement of my widgets so the page looks and flows smooth for the viewer.  I am now doing the zero to hero challenge to become a better blogger.  I am on day nine of the project but really I just started today.  WP also gives me subjects that I can use to blog about.  I never realized just how much creative work goes into a successful blog that gets noticed. Its more than just writing content. And writing some jibberish.


About Crystal K

I am the wife of a metal head and the mom of a ten year old boy. I am proud of the work my husband has done making Slater's Metal Show. It is a heavy metal radio show both on air and online. I went to college for marketing and am helping him promote his show and website. My goal is to get one million fans listening to Slater's Metal Show.

Let me know what you think. Leave your comment.

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