Daily Prompt: You’re a Winner!

Well if I won a billion tax free dollars in the lottery I of course would go on a spending spree. I would buy a corvette and a house with a garage. I would invest my money so it is just not collecting dust. As a billionaire I would definitely help in my community. I would start with those close to me and where I work. Every one I know with kids would get 20,000 for each kid to go to college. I would give my friends and coworkers 10,000 to help them with bills. I would buy houses to rent out to select friends at a minimal cost to cover taxes. I would open my own retirement community and treat my employees fairly, offering decent wages and benefits. I would support my husbands business by getting the equipment and music he needs to have a successful radio show and website. I would donate a million dollars or more to the public schools in my community to purchase equipment and supplies for the kids. I would donate to La Clinica to provide free health care to poor kids. I would donate a good portion to helping in my community for parks and recreation, emergency help for displaced families, to schools, and other youth centered organizations. There is so much you can do with a billion dollars.

About Crystal K

I am the wife of a metal head and the mom of a ten year old boy. I am proud of the work my husband has done making Slater's Metal Show. It is a heavy metal radio show both on air and online. I went to college for marketing and am helping him promote his show and website. My goal is to get one million fans listening to Slater's Metal Show.

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