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Learning to Blog

So over the last few days I have been setting up my wordpress blog and have been learning a lot about what it takes to do a blog of this type.  I need to provide meaningful information about heavy metal music that ties into the radio show and the website. Then hopefully I will have people interested in reading what I have to say.  I want to help my sweet headbanging husband with his Radio Show to help get the word out to people to listen to his rockin show.  It’s a good show and has been on the air for over a year and more people need to listen to it.

The Loss of Sasquatch

The radio show took a big hit this month.  A good friend and featured guest on the show, Arthur White, known as the Sasquatch, passed away early this week.  God, took this kind soul from us on Tuesday Nov 12, 2013.  He loved heavy metal music, and enjoyed doing the show each week with Slater.  Sasquatch, came out of the woods every week to record the show, and share his pick of the week.  He added his laughter and joking nature to Slater’s commentary.  Being a creature of the woods, Sasquatch was elusive to being on air at first but after some guidance he really came into his own.  He had his pick of the week, info about the band and why he liked the song.  

His last day with us as himself, was Halloween.  He had come over to listen to the Halloween special.  We were hanging out visiting for about an hour.  He suddenly needed to go home, saying there was a problem at home.  I took him home.  The next day we got a call that he was rushed to the hospital and now was in ICU.  There was little to no hope for recovery but Sasquatch did not give up easily. He had a strong heart and stubborn will that kept him going for twelve days.   He was surrounded by the love of his family when he left this world.  I am sad and will miss him.  It seems so unfair that God would take someone so special and young.  I take some comfort in the belief that his soul is in heaven and that God needed him sooner for a special assignment.  Good Bye Sasquatch, may you continue to ‘rock out’ and bang your head to the music.

Slater's Metal Show

Slater’s Metal Show  Your Home and Headbanging Headquarters every Friday night at 9!!!!  Listen to the radio broadcast in Shady Cove, OR on station KSHD 101.1 FM.  It is a small transmitter, so if you cannot pick up the radio broadcast you can always hear Slater’s Metal Show on the internet.     Check out the webpage every week and hear the latest show.


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